These are the places where the sports
and Para sports will be held in Santiago 2023. Get to know them!

Parque Deportivo Estadio Nacional Grecia 2001, Ñuñoa
Centro de Entrenamiento del Atletismo - Mario Recordón - Coliseo del Estadio Nacional - Centro de Entrenamiento de los Deportes Colectivos - Centro Acuático Estadio Nacional - Polideportivo 1 - Explanada de los Deportes Urbanos - Cancha de Fútbol Sur - Centro de Entrenamiento Paralímpico - Centro de Entrenamiento del Hockey Césped - Centro de Entrenamiento de los Deportes de Contacto - Centro de Entrenamiento del Tenis y Deportes de Raqueta - Patinódromo Estadio Nacional
On the image we can see an aerial shot of the
                                    coliseum area of the National Stadium, where you 
                                   can appreciate the professional football court 
                                   surrounded by the athletic track. Also, there is the 
                                   north, south and central area of the stand.

It will be the heart of the Pan American and Parapan American games. Apart from the traditional coliseum that will host athletics, there will be another 11 venues, new and renovated ones, that will be one of the biggest legacies of Santiago 2023.

Parque Bicentenario de Cerrillos Pedro Aguirre Cerda 6100, Cerrillos
CEO - Canchas de Béisbol y Sóftbol CEO - Voleibol
On the image we can see an aerial shot of the 
                                    general space of the Parque Bicentenario of 
                                    Cerillos of 50 hectares, with cycling circuits, 
                                    meadows, picnic areas and lagoon.

Parque Bicentenario de Cerrillos is located in the southwest of Santiago and has 250 hectares. It was inaugurated in 2011 in commemoration of Chile’s Bicentennial. This precinct, which is located close to the Pan American and Parapan American Village, will be the home of athletes during the Games, in addition to being the venue for the closing ceremony of Santiago 2023. The competitions of baseball, softball, and sport climbing will be held here.

Parque Peñalolén José Arrieta 7659, Peñalolén
Velódromo de Peñalolen - Pista BMX - Canchas Tiro con Arco
On the exterior image we can see a central shot of 
                                    the velodrome of Peñalolen from the exterior side 
                                    of the park, appreciating the lattice that surrounds 
                                    the area and a person that passes by on their bike.

At the foot of the Andes mountain range, this place was built for the South American Games of 2014. The dome of the velodrome is highlighted from the heights, being a symbol of Chilean olimpism.

Arena Parque O'higgins Tupper 1941, Santiago, Región Metropolitana
Clásico recinto techado de 44 mil metros cuadrados, con espacio para 12 mil personas

In the heart of Santiago, located inside Parque O'Higgins, is this classic indoor precinct of 44,000 square meters, with a capacity for 12,000 spectators. Here you will enjoy a first-class court and the urban park, a green lung of the city.

Gimnasio Chimkowe, Peñalolén Grecia 8787, Peñalolén
On the image we can see a side shot of a 
                            Venezuelan athlete lifting weights.

“A place for coming together” means its name in mapudungún and its located at the side of the municipal building. Since its opening, in 2008, is contributes to the cultural and sports development in Santiago.

Centro de Entrenamiento Olímpico, Ñuñoa Ramón Cruz 1176, Ñuñoa
On the image we can see the sports installation of 
                            the Olimpic Training Center of Ñuñoa from the 
                            central stand. There we have red and blue chairs, 
                            and you can appreciate the perimeter of the gym 
                            that, in its center, has a group of ten people training.

The “CEO” is the home of the Olympic Committee of Chile and most of the federations of the country. In its installations, also, there are two venues known as CEO 1 and CEO 2, both of a multisport character.

Escuela Militar, Las Condes Presidente Riesco 4601, Las Condes
On the image we see part of the athletic track that 
                            surrounds the military school, specifically the start line 
                            that has its lanes numbered from 1 to 8.

The imposing front of the military building, that goes back to the decade of the 50s, introduces broad grounds that include a stadium, riding arena and attractive circuits for the practice of different sports.

Estadio Español, Las Condes Nevería 4855, Las Condes
On the image there is an athlete with the shirt from 
                            Team Chile.
                            They are preparing for receiving a ball that comes from 
                            the opposite side and hit it with a racket that they have 
                            on their right hand.

On a corner of Las Condes, in the streets Nevería, this traditional club of the colony rises since 1950, with a weather fountain welcoming you, which infrastructure counts with tracks for the traditional sports of spain.

Prince of Wales Country Club, La Reina Las Arañas 1901, La Reina
On the image an area of the golf court of the County 
                            Club is appreciated, where there is a central lagoon 
                            surrounded by green grass; tall, leafy pine trees and 
                            a lot of bushes.

With all the British tradition, a colony of big importance that goes back to de XX century, enjoys its mansion, parks and courts. The club started functioning in 2926 and was inaugurated by the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, himself.

Polígono de tiro, Pudahuel Polígono de Tiro Lo Aguirre, Pudahuel
On the image, the frontal shot of an athlete pointing 
                            their rifle to a firing range its appreciated. The athlete 
                            is dressed in the discipline equipment. They are 
                            carrying a helmet, glasses, a vest and munitions.

This military compound located on the outskirts of Santiago, on the slope of Lo Aguirre Hill, and was inaugurated un 1989. Highlighted by its sober architecture and indoor and open spaces for the practice of target shooting and clay pigeon shooting, respectively.

Centro Deportivo Comunitario, Lo Espejo Guanajuato 7915, Lo Espejo
A frontal shot of the stands of the Elige Vivir Sano 
                            Center is appreciated, were boccia will be played.

The CEVS is located in Lo Espejo, on of the most popular district in the southern area of Santiago. Its infrastructure has a strong community and inclusive meaning, allowing the development of sports, social and cultural activities.

Estadio Municipal La Pintana Ciudad de México 1589, La Pintana.
On the image we can see a natural grass surface that 
                            will be the venue for Rugby.

Its Surface of natural grass is one the of the best in the country, being the actual venue of the football club Santiago Morning. This venue was also used by the Chilean Rugby XV and seven team in different international competitions.

Laguna Los Morros, San Bernardo Camino Nos a Los Morros 11333, San Bernardo
On the image, the lagoon of Los Morros of San 
                            Bernardo can be appreciated. There is grass and, at 
                            the back, threes.

It’s an artificial lake specially conditioned for the practice of water skiing and its nestled on a privileged surrounding, with a lot of vegetation. Its location is on the south of Santiago and it borders some rural areas.

Centro de Bowling, La Florida Vicuña Mackenna 7110, La Florida
A frontal shot of the bowling lanes of La Florida can be 
                            appreciated. At the back, in lane 10 you can see the 
                            pines perfectly arranged. Also you can see an artistic 
                            mural with four paintings of three pines and a ball in 
                            each lane.

Located on one of the most populated districts of Santiago, La Florida, the bowling center counts with redesigned alleys for hosting the Pan American Games, that will help to have a bigger development of the discipline in the country.

Plaza de la Aviación, Providencia Providencia
Plaza de la Aviación is the starting point for the road cycling “gran fondo” event. It was one of the first Bicentenario projects of our country and is located alongside the Mapocho river, close to the Salvador metro station, in Santiago. With the trees surrounding it and the modern attraction of its water fountain, the square lights up at night to provide a spectacle full of color.

Plaza de la Aviación is the starting point for the road cycling “gran fondo” event. It was one of the first Bicentenario projects of our country and is located alongside the Mapocho river, close to the Salvador metro station, in Santiago. With the trees surrounding it and the modern attraction of its water fountain, the square lights up at night to provide a spectacle full of color.

Explanada Campo de Marte, Parque O'higgins Av. El parque 85, Santiago
On the image, an aerial shot of the city of Santiago can 
                            be appreciated. There are highways connected and 
                            buildings. Also, there is a hill and, at the back, the Los 
                            Andes mountain range.

The Explanada Campo de Marte is a section of Parque O'Higgins. The park's old trees are a great place to rest in the center of the capital city. In its history, the esplanade has been used for various activities, such as music festivals and other events, but in October it will be the starting point for both the marathon and the race walk that will run through the streets of Santiago.

Club Deportivo Universidad Católica

Mountain bike will take place on the trails of San Carlos de Apoquindo, which cover 807 hectares. In the venue, the natural beauty of the foothills is displayed, with a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna species. The discipline will be held in an environment where the views of the Andes Mountain range and the valley of Santiago are unique.

Estadio Bicentenario de la Florida

This stadium, inaugurated in 1986 and remodeled in 2008, is located in the pre-Andean district of La Florida. This attractive precinct has a capacity of 11,367 people and has not only hosted sports events of the highest category, such as the 2008 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup but also international concerts and even national elections.

Isla de Maipo Isla de Maipo, Región Metropolitana.

Agricultural area known for its prestigious growing of vineyards and fruit. Is a district with "huasas" traditions, known like this because of its highlighted chiclean-farmer culture, linking the countryside with the development of the locality. Its scenery goes from plots, hills and irrigation areas that belong to the banks of the Maipo river, inspiring the cyclists during the race.

Estadio Sausalito, Viña del Mar Circunvalación Laguna Sausalito s/n, Viña del Mar
On the image, a shot from one of the sides of the 
                            Sausalito Stadium is appreciated. There are stands of 
                            the color blue and yellow. In the middle is the football 

Together with the National Stadium coliseum, is one the of most historical and with a biggest traditions venues. The home of the Everton football club was the main stage for one of the biggest male football events: The world cup of 1962, América’s Cup of 1991 and 2015, and the final of the U-17 world cup of 2015.

Playa El Sol, Viña del Mar Av. San Martín s/n, Viña del Mar
On the image, an aerial shot of the coast of Viña del Mar 
                            is appreciated. On the inferior left area is the sea with its 
                            waves. In the middle is the beach and green areas. At 
                            the back there are high-rise buildings.

Is one of the most traditional beaches of the touristic Garden City. Its green areas, closeness to the Vergara pier and the towers of the San Martín avenue, transform this place in an icon of the Chilean central coast.

Gimnasio Polideportivo, Viña del Mar Av. Padre Hurtado 300, Viña del Mar
On the image a high-rise view of the blue color stands of 
                            the Multisport Gym of Viña del Mar is appreciated. A 
                            person, on their back, is watching a group that is on the 
                            court where handball will be played.

This venue was the locations of the South American Games of Santiago 2014, also in the disciple of Handball. Its one of the biggest indoor sport venues of the country and its opening dates from the year 2000.

Estadio Elías Figueroa, Valparaíso Av. Francisco González de Hontaneda 1310, Valparaíso
On the image, from one of the indoor stands, the 
                            professional football court of the Elías Figueroa stadium 
                            can be appreciated, surrounded by the athletic track.

Dates from 1931 and it´s a tribute to one the most historical football player of the country, born in the city and trained in Santiago Wanderers, the local club. It was renovated in 2014 and is commonly known as Playa Ancha, because of the hill where is nestled.

Río Aconcagua, Los Andes Cauce Río Aconcagua s/n, Los Andes
On the image, a frontal shot of the course of the 
                            Aconcagua river can be appreciated. There are 
                            meadows, and in the back is the Andes mountain range.

Slalom canoe enjoys of the rapid moving waters od the Aconcagua river, that goes down form the mountain range and goes through a big stream bathing the city of Los Andes, the entry to the country from Argentina.

Escuela de Equitación Regimiento Granaderos, Quillota Av. Alberto Larraguibel s/n, San Isidro, Quillota
On the image, a close-up of a jockey with their horse can 
                            be appreciated. They are in a jumping position, 
                            surpassing an obstacle. There are also palm trees, grass 
                            and trees.

In an agricultural area by excellence, in the heart of the Valparaiso region, its located on the east of the traditional army compound, where the finest jockeys are trained. The place invites to the sport practice thank to its privileged location in the foothills of the coastal mountain range.

Playa Algarrobo Norte, Algarrobo Av. Almirante José Toribio Merino 3877, Algarrobo
On the image, a frontal shot of the three nautical sail 
                            cloths can be appreciated. In the middle of the sea, on 
                            the left, there is a vessel with the flag of the United States; 
                            in the middle, a ship with the Canadian flag; and, on the 
                            right a sail cloth with the flag of Argentina.

It is located in Punta de Fraile, linked by an artificial arm with the Nature Sanctuary "Islote Pájaros Niños". Here is concentrated the most select of the nautical activity of the country and this beach is the scene of important regattas of the Pacific coast. The sailing competition will be held here.

Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu Playa Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu
On the image, a shot of two surfers I the middle of the 
                            sea is appreciated. The one on the left side is ready to 
                            make a maneuver above the wave, while the surfer on the 
                            right its on the front waiting for the wave to get closer.

Its winds, waves and quiet make the little city of Pichilemu the perfect area for the practice of surf, in an environment with mountain covered by woods and characteristic cactuses of the center-south cost of Chile.

Laguna Grande, San Pedro de la Paz Av. Laguna Grande s/n, San Pedro de la Paz
On the image, a frontal shot of the lagoon is appreciated. 
                            In the middle there are two rowers pushing with all of their 
                            levers. At the back you can see trees.

This natural lagoon has great conditions for the practice of speed canoeing and rowing, disciplines that enjoy of a great tradition at the district that is part of the Gran Concepción, one of the more populates conurbations of Chile.

Playa El Quisco

The second venue for sailing is located in the Coastline of Poets in the Valparaíso Region. Its calm waters are perfect for Formula Kite event in sailing. El Quisco provides a beach that allows the assembly of the equipment, very little swell, and constant winds so that sailors can hoist their sails and go sailing. It also offers a family space for everyone to enjoy the sport.