The Corporation XIX Pan American Games Santiago 2023 is a non-profit organization, formed between the National Institute of Sports and the Olympic Committee of Chile. The Corporation is in charge of the complete organization of the Pan American and ParaPan American Games held every four years, one year before the Olympic Games.

It is led by Felipe De Pablo Jerez, Industrial Civil Engineer, as the CEO; and it has Managements in the following areas: Administration and Finance, Internal Comptroller, Communications, Commercial and Marketing, Sports, Infrastructure, Legal and Operations. The Board of The Corporation is in charge of the Planning and General Management Area. The organization of the Games includes the participation of approximately 9 thousand athletes in 39 sports, whose host city will be the city of Santiago de Chile in the 2023 edition. In achieving this objective, the fundamental pillars are: the values represented by the high-performance athlete; sustainability in its daily present and future actions; and the ongoing link with the community that will host the largest multidisciplinary sporting event in Chile's history.