Volunteer Santiago 2023
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Go all in for Santiago 2023, be part of the Volunteers

Volunteering for Santiago 2023 means offering your valuable skills and talents for the organization of the Games, providing your vision, and becoming an inspiration for the society, presenting an open and participative image, and giving others a small part of your life in this historical multisport event in Chile.

The registration stage for Volunteering Santiago 2023 is over. If you are registered, we invite you to advance with the phases of the selection process, interview scheduling and profiling survey (DISC) all through the volunteer portal.


Get to know the requirements!

To be a part of the volunteers you need to be 18 years old, by October 1st, 2023. You need to have a responsible and thoughtful decision-making process, which will enable a freely undertaken commitment, motivated by solidarity, generosity, and interest in developing the assigned tasks, engaging in a great attitude to become the best representative of the Games.

Additionally, you'll need to have all the documentation required by the Santiago 2023 Organizing Committee to be part of the volunteers:

  • ID valid until the end of the Games.
  • For foreign people, having a valid passport for at least 6 months and until the end of the Games.
  • Health insurance for foreigners.

If you enter the country, you must follow the requirements of the Health Ministry in the Fronteras Protegidas Plan for the world sanitary contingency.

Volunteer Santiago 2023
Volunteer Santiago 2023
Volunteer Santiago 2023

The characteristics of our Volunteers

Sharing the dream

The volunteers are the soul of the Games, motivating with their joy the participants and spectators, standing out due to their great disposition and will. We invite you to become a part of the XIX Pan American Games and VII Parapan American Games.

A way of life

To be a volunteer is to have solidarity, to share and to be able to offer your aid to others. It is to be passionate about sport Volunteering for the Santiago 2023 Games performs its task with passion and commitment to the Games, that are being held for the first time in Chile. A fact that is going down in history for our country. It is to excel at work and tasks. When they perform their activities, volunteers give it their all. The make their best effort and carry themselves professionally on their tasks. It will give them a unique experience and learning in such a great event as the Santiago 2023 Games are.

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Values of the volunteers

The Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games have the mission of building a sustainable legacy for current and future generations based on the inspiring role of sports.
The values that the corporation focuses on are passion, sustainability, perseverance, inclusion, and excellence.

Passion Sustainability Perseverance Inclusion Excellence

Rights of the

The accredited volunteers during the Games will have the right to:

Volunteer Santiago 2023

Stages to be part of the Santiago 2023 volunteers

This process is divided in a series of steps, detailed below: This process is divided on a series of steps detailed hereunder:

The inscription will be made through the official webpage of the program. The people interested on being part of the Santiago 2023 volunteers’ program will have to agree to the terms and conditions established on the form.

You'll be contacted by the people in charge to participate in the group and/or individual interviews to get to know your talents.

The people selected from the interview process will be contacted to participate in a general and introductory training to Santiago 2023. Everyone who wants to be part of the volunteers’ program must participate at these training spaces.

There will be a specific training made by the functional area in which they’ll be participating. At this training space they’ll get to know the roles and functions that will be assigned to the during the Games.

When getting closer to the Santiago 2023 Games, different test events will be carried out in which they’ll be asked to participate according to the availability precious to the Games.

On the previous days to the start of Santiago 2023, they’ll be called to get to know the assigned venue on field and the team assigned as part of the last training previous to the Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are of legal age before October 1st, 2023, you may become a volunteer for Santiago 2023.

Yes, everyone can participate. When being a foreigner you need to cover the cost of your accommodation and transport. As corporation we will provide guidance to the volunteers that come from another country.

A document that can prove your identity will be requested, a valid Passport or Identification Card up to the end of the Games, or up to your return to the country of origin.

As long as you want! Applicants that can participate in both Games will be prioritized, as well as the ones that can stay the maximum number of days.

Sure! One of our values is inclusion, and we have positions for volunteers with different disabilities so you can participate in the complete experience. Everyone is welcome!

The process to identify the people that will be part of the volunteer in intended to select who have great motivation and interest in being a part of the Games, sharing the institutional values.
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Get to know the Volunteering areas

The activities developed by volunteers are varied. There are several functions you may perform Get to know them and choose your favourite to apply as a volunteer:

Area in charge of administrating the accommodation for the participants of the Games, that considers athletes, Olympic committees, technicals and teams officials.

Area in charge of the accreditation of all the participants of the Santiago 2023 Games, except the spectators.

Area that works on the airport. Oversees the arrivals and departures of the clients of the Games.

Area in charge of maintaining a brand image representative of the Santiago 2023 Games, synchronized in all the digital and non-digital media.

Area in charge of transmitting the 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games via television.

Area in charge of working with the partners/sponsors to offer a broad range of products and services.

Area in charge of maintaining the integrity of the spaces through clean and sustainable points for the administration of waste.

Area in charge of transmitting the necessary information for the different audiences and communicating the vision of the Games.

Area in charge of generating a celebration environment that transmits creatively the culture of Chile as a country.

Area responsible of guaranteeing competitions free of substances forbidden for all the athletes.

Area in charge of guaranteeing a safe and nice experience for the spectators audience of the Santiago 2023 Games.

Area that has the mission of delivering food and beverage to the athletes, staff and volunteers during the Santiago 2023 Games.

Area in charge of the translation of the languages English and Spanish, ensuring a standard interpretation and the consistent use of the terminology of the Games.

Area related with the use of the brand Santiago 2023 in products and services during the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Area responsible of measuring the “footprints” of the mega-event. Leaving a legacy and avoiding the carbon footprint.

Area that provides opportune, accessible and efficient medical services during the course of the Santiago 2023 Games.

Area in charge of providing services and attentions to the National Olympic Committees and National Paralympic Committees on the preparation period and during the Games.

Area in charge of providing services and attentions to the presidents and general secretaries of the Olympic Committees and dignitaries of the participating countries.

Area in charge of providing the facilities and commodities for media to cover the Games.

Area that provides a safe environment at Santiago 2023 and gives an open, accessible and authentic experience to the clients of the Games.

Area in charge of the information and audiovisual entertaining for each of the competition venues.

Area in charge of fulfilling the guidelines and requirements of the disciplines and sports for the development of the competitions.

Area in charge of offering the technological requirements for the development of the Games, both for the venues and competition programs.

Area in charge of offering services to guarantee an effective sales program and public oriented.

Area responsible for offering reliable transport services to the clients of the Games on a safe and efficient way.

Area responsible of the functioning of the venues for the appropriate development of the Games.

Area in charge of providing accommodation, services and recreational activities for athletes and main officials of the team on an Athlete Village.

Area in charge of making sure that the volunteers and staff that participate from the Games enjoy their best experience.

Area in charge handling all the medal ceremonies of Santiago 2023, the most emotive moments for all the athletes and para athletes.