Surf is an aquatic sport where an athlete rides a wave standing or in any other position on a board, or with its body.

During the competition, surfers choose the direction and this must be respected by all participants, left or right, based on their priority and in accordance to the priority and interferences rules and regulations. If they are no respected, a surfer will be penalized.

In the picture, a male surfer making a stunt with his board.

History of this sport

In 1778, an expedition of Captain James Cook was navigating from Tahiti to North America, and found a group of unknown islands, which would later be called Hawaii islands.

Surf was popularized by Duke Kahanamoku, from Hawaii, who won three gold medals in swimming in the Stockholm 1912 and Antwerp 1920 Games. Kahanamoku is considered the father of modern surf and planted the seed for its future inclusion in the Olympic Games.

The discipline made its Pan American debut at the Lima 2019 Games. In that edition, Peru won a total of seven medals, including three golds.

In the picture, a male surfer making a stunt with his board.

How do you compete?

A panel of judges determines the performance of each surfer on the waves, with a score that goes from 1 to 10. Up to two decimals are accepted (e.g.: 8,51). Scores are based on the difficulty of the maneuvers performed. This includes speed, power and the flow of each performance.

Events to be performed:

Women’s and Men’s Open Surf, a combination of style and mode varieties performed in small and mid-sized waves, performed on a short board.

Women’s and Men’s SUP Surf, it is very similar to the short board, the difference being that a paddle is used and maneuvers performed have a score that define the winner.

Women’s and Men’s SUP Race, there are three internal events being Sprint 200 meters, a technical event with 6km in length and a long distance with 18km. The scoring is registered by time.

Women’s and Men’s Longboard, this is the longer board, where stunts are performed that are scored by judges.


How many events are there in Surf?

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Information for the community

One of the great privileges of our country is the easy access to the sea from its northernmost border to its southernmost islands. Therefore, the Chilean coastline, especially in Pichilemu, are highly visited by national and international surfers, and have hosted several world-class events. If you want to start practicing this sport you will need a board, a wetsuit and good waves. We recommend visiting the list of federated clubs to start practicing this sport

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