The Santiago 2023 Corporation is committed to transparency, probity, and proper use of resources, and under this statement and committed to upper management, the Compliance Program is available to all its collaborators, suppliers and other key interested parties.

This program is a management system that aims to prevent, identify and, in some cases, penalize law, regulations, codes or internal procedures infractions that may arise in an organization, promoting a compliance culture.

The Santiago 2023 Corporation has a Complaint Channel, which is an anonymous, confidential, and transparent channel, made available to collaborators, suppliers and key interest groups (advisors, services suppliers, board members, volunteers and athletes) where they can inform about potential irregularities, practices and/or non-ethical behaviours in our organization.

Santiago 2023

What can be denounced?

  • Asset Laundry
  • Terrorism Financing
  • Bribery
  • Corruption among private parties
  • Theft
  • Unlawful appropriation
  • Incompatible negotiation
  • Fraud
  • Conflict of interest
  • Lack of transparency in Tenders and Purchases processes
  • Discriminatory behaviour
  • Abuse/Harassment
  • Drug and/or Alcohol abuse
  • Migrant trafficking
  • Health hand safety hazards against oneself or others.
  • Privacy and personal data violation
  • Gifts and Hospitality
  • Use of privileged information
  • Confidential Information
  • Environmental Sustainability / Water contamination
  • Incorrect use of assets, common spaces, goods and/or services of the Corporation:
  • Behaviour with suppliers, public entities and other external entities.
  • Free market competition
  • Grants fraud
  • Disregard for quarantines or mandatory health isolation
  • Gun control law

How the Complaints Channel works


Paola Olivier – Compliance Officer Santiago 2023 Corporation

Camila Valverde – Head of Compliance Santiago 2023 Corporation


If I have already filled in my complaint, what is next?

Once the complaint is received, KPMG, an independent company, process the information and sends it to the Santiago 2023 Corporation, through a confidential and secure channel, for its analysis or investigation (when applicable), and response sending. Furthermore, the channel allows the claimant to follow-up on their complaint, consulting its status and/or offering more information to the ones sent.