It is a sport that is played with a short handle raquet and a rubber ball in an enclosed space.

It considers the roof and all walls as a valid field of play. It is an extremely fast, concentrated and agile discipline.

In the picture, a racqetball racket holding two balls.

History of this sport

Racquetball was officially born in the 50s in United States.

It was the former tennis player Joe Sobek who envisioned a new way of playing in an enclosed space, free from the weather vagaries.

Based on tennis, the rules were completed with similar rules from other games using rackets and ball. Racquetball had its Pan American debut at Mar del Plata 1955, in Argentina, and since then, except in Rio 2007, it has been a part of the program in all editions of the Pan American Games. It is played in the singles, doubles and teams modalities.

It is an original sport from our continent, with a huge development in the Americas and great players that shine in the world stage.

In the picture, a racqetball racket holding two balls.

How do you compete?

The objective of this sport is to make a serve or hit with the rubber ball, without the opponent being able to return or hit it correctly. To win the match, competitors must score 15 points in each of the sets or games.

The ball must hit against the front wall and can bounce on any of the surfaces: walls or ceiling, including the back wall, which gives it a particularity over other racquet sports. The move, also called rally, is won when the opponent cannot return the ball before two bounces on the floor. It is also a point if, when returning the ball, it touches the floor before reaching the front wall.

In 2022, the game format was changed, seeking to increase the dynamics and speed of the matches. Points can be added by both players, server and receiver, with the exception that when the player who is serving loses the play, the change of server is made. To win a match, the player or teams must win three out of five games.


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