Mountain Biking

A very popular sport that many Chileans enjoy is Mountain Biking Cross-Country (MTB Cross-Country).

The cross-country races take place on dirt tracks that test the skills of the competitors while managing to entertain all the spectators. MTB bikes have front suspension, with an air-oil hydraulic system, allowing greater adherence to the road.

In the picture, a male mountain bike cyclist is driving on a competition. He is using the Chilean uniform.

History of this sport

Mountain Biking is a relatively new sport. In the 1970s, in the United States, outdoor and cycling enthusiasts began racing through the mountains with conventional bicycles. This object - essential for the sport - underwent a series of modifications (wheels, suspensions, brakes and gears) that created a milestone when producing the first mountain bikes. By the 1990s, mountain biking was recognized as an outdoor sport.

Given its popularity, only a few years later the International Cycling Union (UCI) organized the first Mountain Biking World Championship in 1990 in Colorado. Five years later, it would be part of the sports program of the 1995 Mar del Plata Pan American Games, and a year later it would be part of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

In the picture, a male mountain bike cyclist is driving on a competition. He is using the Chilean uniform.

How do you play it?

Competitors require strength and skill to achieve their best mark. It typically takes between 90 and 105 minutes to traverse the track, which consists of six kilometers of narrow single-lane dirt trails, with climbs, steep descents and cobblestone sections. There are also refreshment points, where, in addition to eating or drinking, athletes can fix their bicycles.

The race begins with a massive start and several laps are performed around the course. The first one to make the required laps will be the winner. Riders who have times 80% slower than the first lap of the leader are eliminated.


What clothing is essential to compete?

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Information for the community

The landscape of Chile is very favorable for the practice of this sport. Mountains abound throughout the country, so we invite you to explore part of the Chilean landscape by bicycle. In Santiago, Cerro Panul is the best option for mountain biking. In fact, the Alps Cup - Chile's best race in this sport - takes place there. If you are going to practice it, make sure you have all the safety protections and bring water and food to continue enjoying it to the fullest.

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