Archery is, above all, a precision sport, its practice requires a great concentration capacity, skills and nerves of steel where mental strength is key to victory; but also requires a correct physical preparation.

The objective of archery is to shoot arrows as close as possible within the target and to hit the golden ring. The inside colour, golden or yellow, gives ten or nine points. The “tens” are only 12.2 cm in diameter, approximately the size of an apple. Athletes compete with recurve bows (impossible to mistake, since the ends are curved outwards in the upper part) as well as compound bows, which have mechanical pulleys, telescopic sights and other aides to improve precision.

A female archery athlete about to shoot.

History of this sport

The history of Archery tells the story that Egyptians were the first people in using bows. It is mentioned that they adopted the weapon to hunt and fight against ancient Persians, who were equipped with spears and slings. However, archery itself, is registered up to 10.000 years ago, when the first bows and arrows were used for war and hunting, thousands of years before they were used in a competitive activity in medieval England. There are variants, including Target Archery, where competitors shoot targets on a flat terrain; and field archery, which is performed by shooting targets at variable and often unknown distances, in uneven terrain, such as woods. Today, it is practiced in over 160 countries around the world.

Archery has been part of the Pan American Games since its 1979 edition in San Juan. The medal tally is led by the United States, a delegation that has won 55 gold medals.

A female archery athlete about to shoot.

How do you compete?

The archery competition starts with a preliminary competition, or qualification round on the Opening Ceremony day. Men and Women shoot 72 arrows each, placing in the ranking from first to last. Then, they face each other in competitions by couples depending on the qualification. In other words, the first faces the last, the second against the second last, and so on.

This elimination round makes the loser abandon the competition and the winner advance to the next phase, until two athletes are left to dispute the final round for the gold medal. Losers in the semi-finals compete for the bronze medal.

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