Get to know the disciplines that will be hosted by the Region of Valparaíso

By the side of the sea or in the valley, seven sports and disciplines will be carried out in this touristic part of the country, located two hours away from the Metropolitan Region of Santiago

The countdown for the #Santiago2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games won’t stop. We’re around 211 days away from the start of this multisport festival that will travel to different parts of our country. 

For example, in the case of the Region of Valparaíso, it will host seven disciplines in six different districts. Next, we’ll tell you some details about the competitions that will take place just a couple of hours away from the capital of the country. 



The competition will take place at the beach Playa El Sol in Viña del Mar, one of the mosttraditional, touristic bathing places of the city known as “Ciudad Jardín” (Garden City). Its green areas, proximity to the Muelle Vergara (local pier) and the Avenida San Martín towers make this place an icon of the central coast of Chile. 

Triathlon is an outdoor sport and is composed of three different events: swimming, cycling, and running. Triathletes need to not only display incredible resistance, but also dominate the triple technique requirements for all disciplines that make this sport in a circuit made of 300 m in swimming, 6 km in cycling and 1.6 km in running.

Triathlon in #Santiago2023 will give athletes points for the Olympic ranking towards Paris 2024. 


Handball matches will be played at the Gimnasio Polideportivo of Viña del Mar, which has already been a venue for the Santiago 2014 South American Games for this very sport. It’s one of the biggest indoor venues in the country. 

This is a sport where plenty of points are scored per match, which is why people in attendance have to be ready to celebrate when their national team scores. 

Every team is composed of seven players (six field players and a goalkeeper), aside from seven players on the bench, who can enter the field for one of their teammates at any moment. It’s played  on a rectangular field of 40 m x 20 m and 3 m x 2 m goals on each side of the field. In Santiago 2023, Handball will give quota for the Paris 2024 Olympic games. 


Estadio Elías Figueroa of Valparaíso dates back to 1931 and its name is an homage to one of the most important football players in the country's history, who was also raised professionally by Wanderers, the local club. It was rebuilt in 2014 and it’s popularly known as Playa Ancha because of the hill it’s nested on. Women’s football will take place here. 

Football is a game with teams of 11 players and the objective is to score in the opposite goal a ball that cannot be touched by hands, nor arms by any players, except by the one at the goal, the goalkeeper. 

The field of play is a rectangle, with natural or artificial grass, with a goal on each side of the field. The team that wins is the one that scores the most goals on the opposite goal in the 90-minute match. It’s considered the most popular sport in the world, and according to FIFA, over 270 million people are involved in football on the planet. 


You’ll be able to enjoy male football at Estadio Sausalito of Viña del Mar. The house of the club Everton has been the stage of important events, such as the 1962 Chile World Cup, the Copas América 1991 and 2015, and the U-17 2015 World Cup final. 


Canoe slalom will take place on the fast-flowing waters of the Aconcagua River, that fall from the Andes Mountain Range and go rapidly through the city of Los Andes, one of the entrance doors to the country from Argentina. 

In this discipline, competitors navigate on river rapids on a canoe or kayak, going through downstream or upstream gates, within the fastest possible time. Meanwhile, spectators will see a dynamic time-trial race that includes dominating several skills, leaving no space for mistakes.


In Quillota, the most important agricultural area in the valley of the Valparaíso Region, we can find the Regimiento Granaderos, a traditional Army precinct where the finest horse riders in Chile are trained. This place is quite suitable for practicing sports due to its privileged location at the foot of the Cordillera de la Costa Coast  Mountain Range. 

This is where Equestrian will take place, a sport that is the pinnacle of the horse’s preparation and elegance. Horses and their riders arrive at a 60 x 20 m arena, where a panel of judges ranks the work of the duo. This happens while they perform mandatory movements such as walking, trotting, and galloping in a pattern, and also a freestyle routine, specifically choreographed by each competitor and interpreted with music. 


On the Pan American Games program, eventing made its first appearance at Buenos Aires 1951. This event is a combination of the jumping, dressage, and cross country events. This event is usually known as the triathlon of the equestrian world. It is held during three consecutive days: the first day is the dressage event, the second day is the cross country event, and the third day is the jumping event. 


The jumping discipline in equestrian sports is a synchronization based on the horse and rider skills to jump over a series of obstacles. It is a combination of courage, control, and technical skill. 

The discipline tests speed, power, and control, while the horses and riders try to run a course with approximately 15 jumps without knocking any or committing any fault. The winner is the duo that makes fewer penalties in the least possible time. 


This event will take place at the Algarrobo district, known as the “Capital Náutica de Chile” (Chile’s Nautical Capital); to be more precise, this will happen at Cofradía Náutica del Pacífico, located at Punta Fraile, next to the Nature Sanctuary Islote Pájaro Niño. 

Sailing is a sport that aims to control a small ship pushed only by wind. With the ship, a course must be traveled and finished in the least possible time. To achieve this, mastery of the changing sea and air conditions is a must. 

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