The sport took over the central streets of the capital to be the protagonist of the family activity organized by the National Institute of Sports (IND), with the collaboration of the Governance of the Metropolitan Region and Santiago 2023.

Sunday 27th of November, 2022.- Around 8:30 thousands of people got together in front of the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral to live an exciting sport day, on an event that had as an objective bring families closer to physical activities.Additionally, it allowed the attendings t get familiar with Santiago 2023 through the volunteers program and the presence of Fiu, the official mascot of the next Games.

Inside of the different races that were disputed, the distances included were 2.5 km, 5 km and 10 km for a course that started in the middle of the city and extended to the streets Portugal and Lira, in the district of Santiago, to the south, arriving to the district of San Joaquin.

Authorities like Alexandra Benado, minister of sports; Israel Castro, director of the IND; Claudio Orrego, governor of the Metropolitan Region, and Gianna Cunazza, chief executive officer of Santiago 2023; attended this event, signaled the start and pointed out the importance of sport instances.

Benado said “It's wonderful being here on a Sunday promoting the use of public spaces. We are very happy to start this kind of free and massive activity that we will have a lot of next year, prior to Santiago 2023.”

On her part, Cunazza made a call to the attendants to join the next Games: “I invite everyone to be part of Santiago 2023, not only as spectators, but also as volunteers. You only need to be older than 18 and be willing to enjoy, learn, meet people and enjoy.”

A sports day where, also, the attendants counted with the motivation needed to fully enjoy the day, for example, with hydration points, food, massages and areas for the children. An ideal instance to bring people closer to Santiago 2023, the most important multisport event in the history of Chile.

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