What you should know about our bus Santiago 2023

Did you know that an electric bus stops emitting approximately 94 tons of CO2 per year? Yes, being zero emissions, which stops polluting the bus, is equivalent to taking 33 combustion cars off the streets.

This is the bus of our Santiago 2023 Corporation that, committed to the environment, has transferred a group of health professionals from the Hospital de Niños Dr. Exequiel González Cortés, saving them, in addition, 40 minutes of time on their commutes, emitting zero noise and zero vibrations, which significantly improves the ride quality of the driver and passengers.

Together with the Municipality of Buin, Enel X, METBUS, BYD and with the full support of the Ministry of Sports, we launched this collaborative action plan, which will last three months and will operate from Monday to Friday in two shifts. There are already 30 health officials traveling on the bus operated by METBUS, free of charge and on time.

Karla Zapata, general manager of  Enel X  Chile, highlighted: “We are living a complex moment that requires everyone's collaboration. For Enel to accompany the organization of the Pan American and Para Pan American Games 2023 that joins the support network against Covid-19 in the transfer of medical personnel, fills us with pride and motivation”.

In effect, the electric buses have no impact in terms of polluting emissions and also constitute a cheaper alternative in terms of their operation, which reaches 70% less compared to conventional diesel buses.

Tamara Berríos, Country Manager of  BYD Chile  , explains: «BYD wants to contribute to combat this pandemic due to Covid-19. This 100% electric bus that we are delivering for the next three months will be of great help by transporting a group of health professionals in a sustainable manner between Buin and the Hospital ”.

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