Anita Tijoux and Movimiento Original took the crowd of the Estadio Nacional “A la cima”!

Both national artists sang, in front of more than 30 thousand souls, the official anthem of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.


The continent's largest multisport and multicultural festival began with the music of our Chilean exponents who, after the parade of all the delegations, thrilled the entire audience that filled the Coliseum of the Estadio Nacional.

The first ones to make everyone present sing and dance were Anita Tijoux and the group Movimiento Original, who sang “¡A la cima!” (Spanish for “to the top”), the official anthem of the Santiago 2023 Games, which mixes urban rhythms and melodies from Chile and South America.

The atmosphere and the light show made a unique spectacle that marked the beginning of the opening ceremony and brought together great artists, musicians, and outstanding athletes. 

The song “¡A la cima!” was produced for the well-known DJ Bitman and is already being danced to at these Pan American Games and heard on the country's radio stations.

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