The 19-year-old athlete is one of the promises of Chilean athletics and hopes to be in the next Pan American Games in Santiago 2023.

After seven months without competing, Lucas Nervi returned to the athletics pits to participate in the first post-quarantine championship, held at the Verbo Divino school.

The tournament, organized by the Chilean Athletic Federation (FEDACHI), was promoted by the young man and his coach, Tulio Moya. “A while ago, we were at the National Stadium when we thought about holding a tournament. So it occurred to us to talk to my former school, they told us that there was no problem and they encouraged us to do it, ”says the thrower.

In the competition, Lucas Nervi was crowned the winner of the day after establishing a new South American record, in the sub-20 category, of 65.39 meters.  “I haven't competed in a long time, so I think I could have done better. In any case, the mark was under no circumstances bad and it is a true reflection that things have been well done in quarantine, ”says Nervi.

However, it is not the first time that Nervi has set a record. A year ago, the athlete got praises in the South American concert after having achieved a throw of 63.47 meters in San Carlos de Apoquindo.  

Despite the pandemic, this return to competition was carried out in a good way and with all the necessary sanitary measures. "This championship reflects that we can continue competing and advancing if we do things in a good way," says the athlete. 

The promise of Chilean athletics

At the age of 19, Lucas Nervi has managed to set two important records, which keeps him third in the world youth ranking. For this reason, the young athlete plans and hopes to participate in the next Pan American Games in Santiago 2023.

“You have to see how things turn out, but I would love to participate in my own country, competing at home would make it much more beautiful. Also, the Games could mean the gateway to the adult category, ”he says.

Along the same lines, Nervi hopes that a great Pan American event will be held, which will benefit the country's sports culture and allow the visibility of the different sports that take place in Chile.

For now, the young athlete hopes to close his time in the youth category in a good way, so he hopes to give his best in the few remaining challenges of the year.

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