Three women in the concrete Skate Pools

News reaches us from Brazil, in this week especially dedicated to women.

In Florianópolis, three of the most prominent skating athletes are training and competing, a discipline that debuts in Santiago2023. Women with a lot of projection for their youth: Josefina Tapia, 18, Manuela Vázquez, 17, and her sister Valentina Tapia, just 15 years old.

ADN radio spoke with Josefina, who has already been the Pan-American champion in Peru in 2018, with her first place in the King of Kings, and who is fighting to get to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games:

“So far I am in 20th place, and there are 20 places therefore I am right there on the limit. There are some competitions to go, two or three before the Games that are not yet defined due to the Covid issue. So the idea is to score points to be able to qualify for Tokio" Josefina tells us, and she also recounts her beginnings as a hobby in this sport, which she has practiced since she was 12.

"Skate has grown, being an Olympic sport is a great step so that it can grow more" ends one of the best athletes of the sport in Chile, who, together with her teammates, has traveled to about 30 skate parks in Brazil, adding an experience invaluable for those who also want to be in Santiago 2023.

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