Sports is without a doubt a tool that allows to empower people from their capacities, without considering their race, gender, or tendencies. Get to know some examples and benefits and enjoy the physical activities in community.

The sports values such as passion, determination and perseverance have been key values in this social transformation, opening more doors to inclusion of other communities in its recreational and high performance practice.

To empower oneself, overcome physical and psychological barriers through sport and physical activity is an individual transforming practice, and can reach further people if it is done together in a community, helping to visualize different realities, destroying prejudices and celebrating people’s diversity.

The United Nations details the social benefits of sports “The regular participation in sports and physical activities generates several social and health benefits. It does not only have a direct effect in physical shape, but also teaches healthy lifestyles to children and teens, helping them to be active and fight against non-transmissible diseases. Several studies performed by the World Health Organization have also shown that physical exercise can stimulate mental health and positive cognitive development. Exercise has been linked to an improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as a large number of positive effects on people suffering from anxiety and depression”.

In the LGBTI+ Pride Day, the world celebrates the passion, determination and perseverance of the people who have exposed an entire community historically discriminated, but from empowering themselves, they have defended their rights and have faced several cultural aspects in today’s society that do not value the diversity role in the development of communities.

One of the national examples about gender roles in sports, as well as several other aspects in our culture, have defined throughout history that some disciplines are reserved for a certain group of people, limiting its practice to others in liberty and free of worries due to the prejudice given to their physical capacities, or social rules that nowadays are obsolete.

Thanks to the spirit of some brave women that, moved by passion, faced these canons and taking point, empowering themselves through sports, is the reason why today when we mention “La Roja” we slowly start to distinguish between the men’s and women’s teams, defending their achievements and giving them the same merit and rooting for them with the same energy.

Do you have any sports that move you to break barriers? Empower yourself and practice it with pride

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