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Parapan American pride: get to know Santiago 2023 center that will shine in the Parque Estadio Nacional

This facility, which will be delivered in mid-September, will be the most modern in South America and has already 81 % of progress.

The National Paralympic Committee of Chile (Copachi in Spanish) is satisfied. Today, with the presence of five ministers and about 100 Para athletes, the 100 days away to the Parapan American Games milestone was celebrated. On this occasion they visited the almost-ready Centro de Entrenamiento Paralímpico, which is right in front of the Coliseo in the Parque Estadio Nacional.

And there is joy, because it was possible to see the monumental building, which has already over 80 percent of progress in its construction and is presented as the main one in South America. But let's see the details and we’ll tell you what makes it so spectacular for the Santiago 2023 material legacy. 


With a total surface area of approximately 6,500 m2 built, and 16,700 m2 of outdoor areas, it has a permanent indoor seating capacity of 350 people. The design of this building includes, in all its scales, the Normas sobre Igualdad de Oportunidades e Inclusión Social de Personas con Discapacidad (Rules on Equalization of Opportunities and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities)  established in law No. 20.422, incorporating the concept of “Universal Accessibility”.

“The Parapan American Games have been given the same importance as the Pan American Games, from President Boric downwards. This is historic and makes us very happy,” commented the president of Copachi, Sebastián Villavicencio, amidst the applause of those present.

The football 7 court in the Centro de Entrenamiento Paralímpico. (Picture: Santiago 2023).


The center will host, among other Paralympic sports, handball, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, badminton, Para powerlifting, boccia, Para table tennis, goalball, judo, football 7, and football 5-a-side. It also has kinesiology, psychology, nutrition and medical rooms.

The central concept is inclusion and equality for all people, considering that its facilities will be easy to use and suitable for everyone.

Experts emphasize that it resolves any unnecessary and intuitive difficulty in the use of the facilities, minimizing the environmental conditions or the users’ sensory capabilities.

In order to guarantee universal accessibility on the precinct, pedestrian circulation, both inside and outside, is at least 200 cm wide. The pavement of the areas intended for pedestrian use is stable, ensuring a smooth, non-slip, accident-free, and uninterrupted movement.

A render of the Centro de Entrenamiento Paralímpico. (Picture: Santiago 2023).

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