Panam Sports Channel will be the free, official channel for the Pan American Games around the world

Santiago 2023 will be the first continental event to be broadcasted live by that channel. It’ll be nine live feeds and over 1.900 hours of broadcasting.

The streaming feed Panam Sports Channel will be the official broadcaster of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games worldwide from October 20th and November 5th. It’ll have nine simultaneous, live feeds every day and for free.

There will be over 1,900 hours of sports coverage that you’ll be able to enjoy through mobile and TV apps. Millions of people will have the chance to see the performance of the best athletes from the Americas, who will be after the gold medals and the classification, in 31 disciplines, for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. 

The President of Panam Sports, Nevel Ilic, said that “We’re happy to announce that the live broadcast of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games will be on Panam Sports Channel. The addition of our main event to what already is a strong sport events live offer, such as continental championships, regional Games, and the Diamond League, is a great opportunity to showcase and spread the performance of the best athletes in our continent and expand the audience of the Pan American Games.”

He also added that “When we released Panam Sports Channel in 2019, our dream was to get sports closer to the fans like never before. Now we’re making that dream come true with the worldwide live broadcast of Santiago 2023, for free. We’re proud of the growth of the channel in the last four years and we’ll continue with our mission of broadcasting more of the main sport events of the region to help boost the development of sports in the Americas.”

Aside from the nine live sport action channels, Panam Sports Channel will also broadcast a live daily show with the sports summaries, interviews to the athletes, and analysis of the best performances in the Games. The complete coverage of this large sport event will be under the responsibility of 15 commentators and expert analysts from all over the Americas.

Through nine feeds, Panam Sports Channel will broadcast over 1,900 hours of the 60 disciplines of Santiago 2023. (photo: Santiago 2023).


The nine Team Panam Sports ambassadors also shared their enthusiasm for the news: “I’m an Olympic champion and part of Team Panam Sports. These will be my first Pan American Games and I’m really excited. I invite you all to watch the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games live on Panam Sports Channel,” said the Brazilian gymnast Rebeca Andrade.

“I’m a two-time world champion, current Pan American Games champion and I’m also part of Team Panam Sports. I want people from Santiago to see my javelin fly over 90 meters. I invite you all to watch the Games on Panam Sports Channel!” said Anderson Peters from Grenada.

The Panam Sports Channel feed can be downloaded for free in the mobile app, which is available on all Android and iOS devices.


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