At full gallop: safer stables and Olympic-level sand for equestrian events in Quillota

The venue of the Valparaíso Region, Regimiento Granaderos, is progressing with first-class structures and equipment, in addition to the veterinary room.

Regimiento Granaderos, the scene of the equestrian venue in Quillota, has new progress in preparation for the start of the Santiago 2023 competitions, scheduled for October 22nd.

In addition to the progress in sustainable issues, such as grass and water-saving irrigation, there were important innovations in stables and the arena, which meet the high-quality standards proposed by the experts.


The horse stables (they’ll be a total of 144) are being built in the designated horse area. They consist of a metallic dividing structure and planks on the lower part, in order to avoid any type of damage to the equines.

In addition to this progress, a special rubber floor will be shipped from Germany to facilitate the transit of horses, cushioning their footing. Also, there are already 15 horse stalls to date and 20 more are planned for this Friday.

The stables were constructed to avoid any type of damage to the equines. (Picture: Santiago 2023).


Other advances are related to the arrival of the supply of base material from the Migrin mining company, in Constitución, for the different competitions. It’s silica sand (type DLK A38), which is mixed with another fiber type material imported from Germany. It was explained that this component is mixed in the quantities indicated by the international consultant Cristian Bauer.

Regarding this component, the Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, commented that “this silica sand makes it much more efficient for irrigation. The irrigation is more permeable and allows the arena to compact better, facilitating the performance of the horse and the rider. Thanks to the fact that we have German consultants, the Olympic standards are guaranteed.”


Meanwhile, the operating room of the on-site veterinary facility is being remodeled. The improvements include the lifting and new positioning of the equine sling to lift the horses, in addition to the expansion of the same room and improvements in the recovery stalls.

Last month the delegations from the United States and Canada, in technical visits with the Games Organizing Committee, highlighted that the works in Quillota are of Olympic level. This was confirmed by Jaime Poblete, Sport Manager of equestrian sports of the Santiago 2023 Corporation, who said that “a titanic effort was made in the building work, we continue advancing and the delegations highlighted the Olympic level in the work on the cross country tracks.”

Regimiento Granaderos will see sport action during a big part of the Pan American Games, including the events taking place in the following dates:

  • Dressage: Sunday 22nd, Monday 23rd, and Wednesday 25th, October.

  • Equestrian Eventing: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, and Sunday 29th, October.

  • Jumping: Tuesday 31st, October and Wednesday 1st and Friday 3rd, November.

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