Gonzalo Bonadeo, face of TyC Sports: “The coverage of Santiago 2023 will be the same as we do for the Olympic Games”

The journalist visited Chile to tour the Village and the Parque Estadio Nacional. “I don't remember so many important competitions in the same place,” he commented on the Ñuñoa precinct.

The television rights to broadcast the Pan American Games in Argentina were granted to TyC Sports, one of the most important channels on the continent. And to feel the pulse of Santiago 2023, a team led by the journalist Gonzalo Bonadeo (60) was present in the Chilean capital these days.

On its long tour through Santiago, the signal was at the Athletes Village in Cerrillos, the Parque Estadio Nacional and even the corporate building in Providencia, where they spoke with the Chief Executive Officer of the organizing committee, Harold Mayne-Nicholls. It was a full report less than 100 days before the continental multisport event.

For the experienced professional, one of the most striking aspects is the sporting and media center that will be the country's main venue in Ñuñoa. “There is no precedent that I can remember of so many large competitions in the same physical space, you can do without any sport in Games of this kind, except for artistic gymnastics, athletics, and swimming and the three venues are together,” he highlighted.

In fact, the Parque will have 11 Pan American venues for 22 disciplines, out of a total of 44 and 60, respectively. In addition, the Media Press Centre (MPC) and International Broadcast Center (IBC) will be located less than 200 meters from the historic coliseum. “One of the most complicated things for journalists when we go to a large event is to go to two or three events in one day, and here it’ll be possible," he said.

Journalist Gonzale Bonadeo talked with CEO Harold Mayne-Nicholls in the corporate building of the organizing comitee. (Picture: Santiago 2023).


The Guadalajara 2011 Pan American Games were the first to be covered by Gonzalo Bonadeo as a special reporter and he continued with Toronto 2015 and Lima 2019. "I used to be in the Buenos Aires work base," he explained, adding that "the channel's coverage is live from 11 to 15 hours a day, we start at 8 in the morning and finish after midnight," Bonadeo commented.

A team of around fifty professionals will travel to Chile to create content. “The coverage will be the same as the Olympic Games but with one advantage: any of our countries, Argentina, Chile, or Brazil, win more medals in the Pan American Games than in the Olympics,” therefore, the number of highlights will increase.

“What happens to us is that we have long-term public support. In an eminently football-oriented country, when an event of this kind comes along, we try to get people excited and moved by the efforts of the Argentinean boys and girls, regardless of whether they win a gold medal or don’t make it to the finals,” he expressed.

Gonzalo Bonadeo and his wife shared with former athletes Fernando González, Luciana Aymar and Sebastián Rozental. (Picture: Santiago 2023).


Bonadeo's stay in the country also included a meeting with a married couple: former tennis player and triple Olympic medallist, Fernando Gonzalez, and Luciana Aymar, winner of four consecutive Olympic gold medals.

“I've had a great relationship with Luciana for 25 years, I met her when she was young and she started playing for Las Leonas. I didn't know Fernando very well in person, but I did get to know him when he played. I always thought that he was an admirable tennis player and I also think he's a great commentator on the sport,” he concluded.

The broadcast of the Pan American and Parapan American Games is expected to reach 200 million people around the world through 1,900 hours of content from the 60 conventional and 18 adapted disciplines, which will take place in 44 venues in 22 districts in four regions of the country: Metropolitana, Valparaíso, O'Higgins, and Biobío.

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