The Sports Journalists Circle and TNT Sports get training from Santiago 2023

The experts of the competitions introduced the urban sports of breaking, BMX, and skateboarding to about 100 participants at Universidad San Sebastián.

A new sports and Para sports training session was held at Universidad San Sebastián. This time led by the members of the Sports Journalists Circle (CPD, for its acronym in Spanish) and TNT Sports, a new official broadcaster of the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

The Organizing Committee Sport Managers of the Games are the ones in charge of teaching the rules of the competitions that will be part of the Games, which include 39 sports (60 disciplines) and 17 Para sports (18 disciplines). 

In the meeting, the experts introduced the urban sports breaking, BMX freestyle, and skateboarding to a journalist’s group of around 100 people, considering the in-person and online participants.

The CPD president, Danilo Díaz, highlighted that “it’s very important this training provided by the Santiago 2023 Corporation because this is very useful to improve the professional level of the colleagues that are going to cover the Games. We emphasize the presence of the journalists that took time from their work to go to the Universidad San Sebastián and the ones that joined online, especially the professionals that live in a different region.”

Since March of this year, the Corporation has done different training sessions with the aim of teaching and updating the sports and Para sports rules, which have already been joined by Canal 13 and TVN.

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