Santiago 2023 visits the Valparaíso Region and introduces its plan to fill Estadio Sausalito and Estadio Elías Figueroa

The Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, visited the football venues, precincts that will have minor works before the continental event.

The Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, made a tour of the coastal venues of the Valparaiso Region, and accompanied by the Regional Secretariat of Sports (Seremi), Leandro Torres, inspected the works in the venues and also projected what the Pan American Games will be in the area.

The CEO expressed his satisfaction with what he observed and the progress of the maintenance work. “These are venues in permanent use, so there are minor works that have to be done, I hope we won’t have any inconvenience,” he said.

Football will be the star in Estadio Sausalito (Viña del Mar), and in Estadio Elías Figueroa (Valparaíso), with male and female competitions played alternately. The male's competitions will be reserved for U-23 players, with three permitted exceptions. On the other hand, the female's competitions will be for adult teams.

“The state of both venues is ready to host the Games. There are 18 games in each stadium, which is quite a lot, and to attract as many people as possible, we will wait for the draw,” which will take place a month before the start of the matches to be held from October 22nd to November 4th.

Besides, this is the sport with the largest number of tickets on sale. There will be 670,000 tickets available for the 38 matches scheduled for both genders. “We have been with the people of Viña and Valparaíso to see how we can invite schools, high schools, universities, neighborhood associations, and community organizations to come so that the stadiums will always have a good number of spectators,” he said.

Harold Mayne-Nicholls also visited the Polideportivo de Viña del Mar. (Picture: Santiago 2023).


The Valparaíso Region Seremi, Leandro Torres, detailed the improvements to be made to Estadio Elías Figueroa, which is administered by the National Sports Institute.

“It is necessary to make some interventions in the roof of the stadium, improvements in the changing rooms and entries. These are works that, although they are minor, are very important to be prepared to receive the sports delegations,” he said. Also, he informed that Estadio Elías Figueroa is scheduled to close on September 2nd, while Estadio Sausalito will close on September 24th.

The tour of the other venues in the region will continue with trips to the beaches of El Quisco and Algarrobo Norte, where sailing will take place; Escuela de Equitación Regimiento Granaderos in Quillota; and Río Aconcagua, home of canoe slalom, in Los Andes and San Esteban. Including the triathlon, a total of 29 medal events will be held in the area.

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