National Defense and Sports Minister value the progress after visiting the equestrian Venue in Quillota

Along with the Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, the government authorities visited the historic military precinct.

This Tuesday, July 18th, different authorities gathered at the Regimiento Granaderos de Quillota, an area that will be used as a venue for the Santiago 2023 Games to hold the equestrian sport competitions.

This activity had the participation of the Sports Minister, Jaime Pizarro; the National Defense Minister, Maya Fernández; the Mayor of Quillota, Óscar Calderón; the Undersecretary for the Armed Forces, Galo Eidelstein; the Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls; aside from the deputies Andrés Celis and Chiara Barchiesi, along with representatives from the Army.

The visitors looked around the area and were able to see by themselves the progress of the work being made in the area just three months away from the beginning of the Games. This historic military campus, located in an area with a long equestrian tradition, will be the venue for dressage, equestrian eventing, and jumping, which are the three modalities to be competed at in Santiago 2023.

Quillota is working to host the Pan American Games.(Picture: Santiago 2023).


The Santiago 2023 Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, valued the history the precinct has and added that “It would be amazing to honor the equestrian tradition of this place. Next to us, we have the Salto de Huaso of Alberto Larraguibel. I hope we can win medals so we can generate enthusiasm for kids to participate in the equestrian sport. We understand we have to speed the construction up a little bit so we’ll work on that.”

Furthermore, the Minister of Sport Jaime Pizarro focused his talk on the interest from the community towards equestrian sports and said that “seeing all equestrian sports, aside from the progress and the fact that the three disciplines have sold over 8 thousand tickets is really special and it shows that this diversity in disciplines and territory is quite important.”

Maya Fernández, head of the National Defense Ministry, highlighted the role of the Armed Forces in Santiago 2023, explaining that “they’re not only responsible for protecting our sovereignty or help in times of catastrophes, but they also have to be part of this sport festival. Equestrian competitions are part of our tradition and this incredible place is getting ready to host the participants. What the Armed Forces give us is big.”

Óscar Calderón, Mayor of this district belonging to the Valparaíso Region, didn’t hide his emotions after Quillota was chosen to be a venue, and he said that “there’s high expectations and a lot of enthusiasm, even some anxiety as we wait for the date to arrive. We feel honored to be one of the venues for the Games, which is one of the most important multisport events in the history of our country.”

Regimiento Granaderos will see sport action during a big part of the Pan American Games, including the events taking place in the following dates: 

  • Dressage: Sunday 22nd, Monday 23rd, and Wednesday 25th, October.

  • Equestrian Eventing: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, and Sunday 29th, October.

  • Jumping: Tuesday, October 31st, Wednesday 1st and Friday 3rd, November.

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