The cost for the ‘host broadcaster’ was 41% less than Lima 2019 and for the first time all sports will be transmitted live.

Monday, February 14th, 2022The international company Mediapro will be the one responsible for producing and distributing the television feed for the different disciplines of the Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games, after being awarded the public open tender called by the organizing committee.

The agreement was signed this Monday in a ceremony performed in the Chilean capital, with the presence of Santiago 2023’s CEW, Felipe De Pablo, Mediapro’s Director for Audio-visual Services, José Luis Rubio, the head of the International Paralympic Committee, the Brazilian Andrew Parsons, and the president of the Americas Paralympic Committee, the Colombian Julio César Ávila.

For the first time in its history, all sports will be transmitted live (57 disciplines in Pan American and 18 in Parapan American) reaching a grand total of 1900 live hours, 700 more than Lima 2019. Furthermore, the service will cost 11.8 million dollars, which means a 41% reduction in comparison to the USD$20 million paid for the event in Perú.


To cover the Games, the company with great experience in international events of this size, will bring a production base of over 200 people from Spain, Portugal, and Argentina, whom will work along 500 local technical professional, including an agreement with the national company TVTEL, responsible for 20% of the production, and the implementation of an academy aimed to higher education students, leaving great knowledge about the topic among the professionals of the host country.

Mediapro’s operational deployment considers OBVAN mobile units, remote production based in the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) to be located in the National Stadium Park, ‘all-in-one’ production systems, plus cutting edge technology with drones, 4k ceremonies, minicams, ultra slow-mo, aquatic tactical units for swimming and rails to follow the athletics competitions.


The meeting had the presence of the president of the Americas Paralympic Committee (APC), Julio César Ávila, who appreciated this agreement, stating that “we are happy because it is important that the Games can be seen anywhere in Santiago, in Chile and of course in the region and the world. The Parapan American Games are also growing in importance internationally and at a regional level. In lima we had over 30 thousand tickets sold for the Opening Ceremony, the largest audience yet, and that shows the growth and progress of the Paralympic sports in the region".

The Corporation’s CEO, Felipe De Pablo highlighted the progress made in the milestones committed with Panam Sports. “We are making progress in accordance to the schedule and to have this alliance ensures a world class production, it is one of the audio-visual companies with the most international prestige, which leaves us feeling confident and at ease”, he commented.

Also, Mediapro International 's Director for Audio-visual services, José Luis Rubio, valued the trust given to the company. “We have high hopes facing this first act, this first milestone plus the inspection of the venues. This will allow us to achieve a plan, a series of measures and activities that we will have to develop during this relation. We have traveled here with a multidisciplinary team composed of eight people from Europe and several parts of South America to start this endeavor with great hopes, with the people from the Organizing Committee, with whom we are completely satisfied”, he mentioned.

Mediapro will distribute the content to tendered television operators, reaching millions of spectators through platforms such as open feed TV, Cable TV and digital channels.

The Santiago 2023 Pan American Games will be held from October 20th through November 5th, whereas the Parapan American Games will be held from November 17th through the 26th, with both events gathering around 9.000 athletes coming from 41 countries.

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