Santiago 2023 and Ministry of Sports signed a collaboration agreement with the National Institute of Youth

The agreement among the institutions has a special focus in promoting the Volunteering Program in our country and also highlighting the relevance of sports and the multisport event for young people in Chile.

The Santiago 2023 Corporation and the Ministry of Sports keep creating alliances ahead of the Pan American and Parapan American Games. Last Wednesday, May 11th, in the facilities of the Corporation took place the signature of the collaboration agreement.

The agreement included the National Institute of Youth (INJUV in Spanish), an entity represented by its Deputy Director Juan Pablo Duhalde. The meeting was also attended by Gianna Cunazza, the Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer, and also the Head of the Legal Division of the Minister of Sports, Verónica Puentes.

The agreement considers working along with the parts, with the objective of promoting the participation of Chilean young people in the Games Volunteering Program. It also seeks to generate instances related to communication and the importance of sports and this multisport event for our country.

The three parts put in their signatures in the document. (Picture from: Santiago 2023).

The representative of INJUV was happy with the opportunity to be part of Santiago 2023, and pointed out that “this is a privilege because it’s a national milestone that will allow us to involve a huge quantity of young people to promote sports and Chile’s image. We also want to show the importance of mental health from sports, the diversity of disciplines that will be present, and the experience of volunteering. This is our motivation and inspiration.”

In addition, Gianna Cunazza complemented the above, indicating that “one of our objectives is getting youth close to the Games, because the Games are for all. This alliance reflects something important: this is a State event. The opportunity that the Corporation has to close alliances with public institutions fills us with pride and happiness, to carry out this multisport event in the best possible way.”

Verónica Puentes also gave her appreciations related to including young people in the multisport festival, especially as volunteers. In this sense, she indicated that “INJUV opens the door to Chilean youth to be volunteers in Santiago 2023, something that will sum all the energies, optimism, courage, and amazing spirit. It’s said that volunteers are the soul of any sporting event, and the truth is that they’re, their work is essential.”

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