Hello, I am


The Santiago 2023 Official Mascot

I am a seven-coloured bird, and I was chosen to represent Chile in the Pan American and Parapan American Games. My name is given due to the sound of my singing and what you listen when I run past you -Fiuuuu-

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Fiu is a seven-coloured bird. It has small and friendly eyes. A thin black beak with which it can smile, even show its teeth, inside a small red tongue can be seen every time it opens its beak, whether it be to practice sports or to show a fun laugh. Each one of its colours are vibrant and full of energy. It has long black legs and wings that it uses to practice the Pan American and Parapan American sports, such as handling a tennis racket or its wheelchair in a competition.

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I am happy
and optimist

I face each day with passion and when I meet someone I transmit to them my positive energy with a big smile. Being small is not an obstacle to give my best effort, that is why I like to practice every sport. I admire all athletes in the Americas because they represent the excellence in Santiago 2023.

Fiu shows a big smile and its white teeth. With its feet it makes a heart shape and while it flies, it leaves other coloured hearts to show its joy and optimism.

The environment
is my passion

The wetlands where I was born taught me the importance to respect and value our surroundings. I am perseverant in the search on how to make the planet a sustainable place, to leave a small mark that makes a difference.

The wetlands are the natural habitat of Fiu, it is shown inside its nest that is made of canes. The seven-coloured bird is inside the nest and we can only see it peeking out, showing us its small and playful eyes and its two wings, with a few green leaves of its habitat.

I face

I know I have a big job representing the Pan American and Parapan American Games, which implies a responsibility and important challenges. I am determined in taking my role as a welcoming party to the host city, and to make Chileans and foreigners feel a part of the Games, always enjoying each one of the milestones I will live on the road to Santiago 2023.

Fiu sitting on a bench, it is sweating with a few drops that are leaving its image, while it winks in a fun way. With one of its wings it is holding a dumbbell, doing exercise, with its body on the side of the weight, because we know it will face every challenge

the inclusion

My colour variety represents the diversity of humans and species. All races, languages, beliefs and people of the countries we will welcome in Santiago 2023. That is why I want to invite each one of the participants of these Games: athletes, federations, judges, volunteers and everyone to share their differences.

Fiu practices wheelchair tennis, with one of its wings it holds a racket and with the other it moves its chair. Its eyes are locked in a tennis ball and it is very focused to practice this sport.