The organization includes in its regulations diverse procedures to prevent this behavior, including the decree 22 of the Sport Ministry.

The International dar for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, established by the United Nations for each November 25th, indicates the start of the “Unite” campaign that consists of 6 days of activism, concluding on december 10th, date that celebrates the International Human Rights.

The Santiago 2023 corporation joined the initiative that has as an objective to mobilize every member of society so they show solidarity to the defenders of women’s rights and support the feminist movements of the planet to avoid to setback of ones rights and achieve having a world free of gender violence.

“It’s extremely important to join this campaign, it agrees with the ideals that we have as Santiago 2023 and it goes further than words. Since 2020, we have incorporated in our internal regulations the protocol to prevent and punish sexual violence and harassment,” said Gianna Cunnaza, Chief Executive Officer of the Games.

The decree 22 of the Sports Ministry establishes a new safety standard for the practice of sport activities in Chile, with the end of protecting the athletes from vulnerable behaviors, generating a mandatory tool for all the sport organizations of the country.

Get to know the new protocol here.


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