Pan American Villa and Social Housing: The Legacy of Santiago 2023

The work that will be carried out on six hectares, considers the construction of 1,137 apartments, in addition to the green areas that already exist and recreation points that houses the Cerrillos Bicentennial Park.

There is less and less to fulfill the dream of the Pan American Village, a place that will house around 7,000 national and international athletes and their respective delegations during the development of the upcoming Pan American and Parapan American Games Santiago 2023.

The construction of 1,137 apartments in the Bicentennial Park of Cerrillos, will not only benefit athletes, but also the neighbors of the district since the project will be transformed into housing solutions once the sporting event is over.

During the launch of the bidding process, the Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, Felipe Ward, referred positively to the project, where he highlighted the "new social integration of sport and housing" and added that from his portfolio they will continue to work to deliver public policies that benefit people's quality of life.

Meanwhile, the executive director of our Corporation, Felipe De Pablo, stated "with the beginning of this process we feel the initial shot of a marathon; a long-breath race where the goal is far away, but fully achievable. This is not only the dream of athletes, but also the longing of the inhabitants of the Cerrillos District." 

The construction of the Pan American Village will meet the housing needs of the west district, since according to figures from the Urban Observatory of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism (MINVU), 6.7% of the population of Cerrillos is in poverty, while 18.37% rent homes within the district.

The sustainable project, consecrated as one of the most important goals of Santiago 2023, will be located five minutes from the Cerrillos metro station and will be integrated into the recreational spaces and green areas of Parque Bicentenario.


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