Santiago 2023 moves to help!

In an unprecedented action in our country, the Santiago 2023 Corporation, together with the Illustrious Municipality of Buin, Enel X, Metbus, BYD, and with the full support of the Ministry of Sports.

Inaugurated the transfer of a group of health professionals from the Plaza de Armas of Buin to the Dr. Exequiel González Cortés Children's Hospital, demonstrating the Corporation's commitment to citizens in times of pandemic.

Our collaborative activity that will last three months and will carry out two daily tours, will offer 30 health officials the opportunity to travel for free. As a way to lighten their journey, and do it comfortably and safely.

All those companies and organizations committed to caring for the environment and, above all, with the commitment to jointly overcome the pandemic that affects our country and the world participated in this activity.

The Minister of Sports, Cecilia Pérez, who accompanied us when the Pan and Para Pan American bus arrived at the hospital, was especially committed to this action, which is in tune with one of the main purposes of the Games: ¡contribute to sustainable development!

«For us it is very gratifying to support health officials through something so specific. They have made many sacrifices and we are contributing our grain of sand by giving them more convenience and tranquility. This Santiago 2023 bus has served to move them to and from their workplaces and as it is electric, it also takes care of our environment. Because we have set the goal of holding sustainable Pan American and Para Pan American Games” explained the head of the Sports portfolio.

The manager of the initiative, Felipe De Pablo, Executive Director of Santiago 2023, committed to holding 100% sustainable Games, was in charge of the operation from the beginning:

Santiago 2023, as a collaboration agent in times of pandemic, has taken off its usual sports suit to add this other: to generate concrete help for part of the population that must continue in their functions. And what better way to do it in this children's hospital, where sport takes special relevance in their recovery with its programs and gyms inhabited for it; where part of its staff has been working with Team ParaChile; here are children who will become champions of life ”, he commented.

In addition, it details the benefits of this service: “We are tremendously proud to contribute in the transfer of 30 employees, two of them blind, safely, in a comfortable bus, with internet, air-conditioned and sanitized, with the highest standards and that, in addition, represents $ 60,000 and $ 80,000 pesos in average savings in transportation for each person who uses it, and 40 minutes of savings in travel time. That is what we want at this stage: to help in a concrete way”.

From the location, Dr. Inés Araneda Aranda, director of the Dr. Exequiel González Cortés Hospital, pointed out that: “We receive this help with great joy. On the one hand, that the Santiago 2023 organization had us in mind to include us in this project for the Pan American and Para Pan American Games 2023, an appointment that fills us with pride. It is a way of providing a transfer solution to our employees who live in areas further away from Santiago at a time when the COVID-19 Pandemic forces us to take extreme measures of prevention in health personnel and within the bus are of a high standard. An official told us that she was happy, warm, taking the opportunity to renew energy. We already miss this bus, which we will have for three months”.

Karla Zapata, general manager of Enel X Chile, a company that provides the bus's electricity supply completely free of charge, also explains that: “We have proposed to collaborate with meaning. Accompanying the organization of the Pan American and Para Pan American Games 2023 that joins the support network against Covid-19, fills us with pride and motivation. This reaffirms our commitment to contribute to overcoming this pandemic, incorporating electric mobility at the service of health workers”.

Tamara Berríos, Country Manager at BYD Chile, explains: «As BYD, we want to support in some way during this Covid-19 pandemic. This 100% electric bus that we are delivering for the next three months will be of great help to medical personnel, who will be able to travel in a sustainable way, generating a positive impact on the environment and taking a further step towards the implementation of electromobility in our country«.

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