With the presence of the Minister of Sports Cecilia Pérez; the undersecretary Andrés Otero; the executive director of the Pan and Para Pan American Games Santiago 2023, Felipe De Pablo; and 13 athletes from Team Chile and Team Para Chile who are carrying out the quarantine in the RM at the CAR Hotel , such as Yasmani Acosta and Juan Carlos Garrido, a new delivery of solidarity boxes was completed in the district of Ñuñoa in the emblematic venue of the National Stadium.

The same place where great sporting milestones have been experienced, today it is a space of help for those who have been affected by the pandemic. For this reason, a solidarity collaboration was carried out for the Food for Chile campaign, between  MINDEP  and the Santiago 2023 Corporation, in charge of organizing the next Pan American and Para Pan American games.

In this regard, the Minister pointed out "sport is generosity, sport says we are present and we are going to support those who need it most". For his part, the Executive Director of the Santiago 2023 Corporation, Felipe De Pablo, added “in the heart of the Games is being humble and supportive, we as a Corporation must do our bit by facilitating the electric van to reach many families in these difficult times”.

The boxes were later transported and delivered together with the Mayor of the Macul district, Gonzalo Montoya, in a van of   BYD   company, provided by them, 100% electric, zero emissions and with a range of 300 kilometers .

It has a load capacity of 720 kg. and a saving of 80% compared to traditional fuels, in line with the guidelines of the Pan American and Para Pan American Games Santiago 2023, which have proposed to contribute in a concrete way, through their management, to caring for the environment.


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