Less than three years before the Games, these are the advances of the Infrastructure area, in two of its emblematic projects.

The organization of the Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games is advancing at full speed, to deliver the best quality to Chile and the athletes in the largest multisport event in America.

The Manager of Operations and Infrastructure of the Santiago 2023 Corporation, the architect Max Sánchez, assures that they are already working on the first stage of construction and planning of the assembly in the several enclosures, to soon begin to materialize the projects.  In addition, progress is already being made in the work of the Pan American and Parapan American Village, reviewing its budget and the award of its tender. The latter is undoubtedly one of the most important legacies that the organization of the Games will leave in our country.

The Villa will be located on six hectares of the Cerrillos District, where a housing complex will be installed that considers at least 1,137 apartments, of which 317 will be accessible and will be occupied by more than 8,000 athletes and delegations.


"The tender has already been published and the results should be delivered by MINVU soon," reports Max Sánchez. "Then the awarded company begins to build during the first half of 2021, to deliver the complex in early 2023", he adds.

During the Games, Santiago 2023, the Villa will have sectors to implement exclusive services for athletes ranging from a bus terminal, a supermarket, pharmacies, medical areas, a dining area, to a chapel, in order to deliver the best experience and comfort to those who visit us.

The most remarkable thing about this project is the legacy it will leave for the city, especially for Cerrillos, which seeks to positively impact the community. Once the Games are over, the apartments will become social housing and will cover 65% of the demand in the District.

Another project that will be an important legacy of Santiago 2023 is the remodeling and restructuring of the National Stadium Park. The historic sports center will have a large-scale remodeling of the Mario Recordón athletic track, the Aquatic Center, while the Sports Center 1, the Central Court of the National Stadium and the High Performance Center and their residences will have minor modifications, such as improving infrastructure and adding accessibility.

The restructuring of the Park will include the construction of new sports venues, many of which have been demanded by the same athletes for several years. For example, the construction of the first public field hockey pitches, where the first stone has already been laid.

The Contact Sports Training Center, the Parapan American Training Center and the Racket Sports Training Center are the other new venues that the new National Stadium Park will receive and works are expected to begin between 2021 and 2022.

The construction of these sports venues means leaving a tremendous legacy for the development of sport in the country and for the community. "The idea of the project is to integrate in the venues all the requirements that are needed for the organization of a great event," says Max Sánchez.

In addition, within the objectives of the area and the organization of Santiago 2023 is "to normalize the inclusion of accessibility in sports architecture projects or urban projects", so that everyone can be part of sport.


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