The young Argentine swimmer has managed to position herself as one of the best athletes in the Paralympic movement, participating in 3 Paralympic and 4 continental events.

Not long ago, Daniela Giménez went back to swimming in Argentine pools, after six months without touching the water, which keeps her very happy. "We did not know how I would react physically when I returned to the water, but luckily the body has memory," says the 28-year-old young woman. 

Daniela returned to normal training and is doing a complete work, as she wants to get to what will be her fourth Paralympic Games in the best way possible: Tokyo 2020. Daniela has participated in the last three editions where her best participation occurred in Beijing 2008 when she obtained 7th place in the 100m breaststroke. She has also stood out at the continental level in the Parapan American Games of Rio 2007, Guadalajara 2011, Toronto 2015 and Lima 2019, events in which he has always been on the podium collecting a total of 14 medals. 

Beyond sports, the event in America, says Daniela, is the tournament she enjoys the most. "I love it because I am in a constant burst of happiness," says the young Argentine. For this reason, she hopes to be present in what would be her fifth Games.

What are your expectations for Santiago 2023, considering that you have already participated in four previous editions of the Parapan American Games?

Santiago already hosted the ODESUR in 2014 and the truth is that they were very up to par. They were divine Games so I am sure that Santiago 2023 will meet the expectations regarding the organization. I think that every place where the Parapan American Games are held always tends to be a party, and each organizing committee ends up leaving an imprint of what the culture of their country is. Chile is a very welcoming country and its people are very warm, I hope that is reflected in these Games. 

And in sports, how do you see your participation in this event? 

I think that for these Games I will be in another moment of my career and in enjoyment mode. I don't know if I'm going to swim the same amount of tests as always. Although Dani athlete loves to be in all of them, because it means more medals and more personal challenges, I want to enjoy myself and not be demanding too much of myself. It happened to me that in Lima 2019 I did not enjoy the tournament party much, because I had to compete very often and the weather played a trick on me, where I got sick and was worried about doing my best with a fever. If I came to Santiago 2023, I would be at a point in my career where I want to be enjoying every second that passes, and I hope I can meet the same results from past events and be able to stay at the top.

What cannot be missing in Santiago 2023?

The party feeling mixed with elite sport. I want the growth of the Paralympic movement to be reflected, especially the one it has had in Latin America, and the professionalism of Paralympic athletes to be demonstrated. I want people to stop looking at this as recreational sports and start looking at it as professional careers.

What are your next challenges?

Finish 2020 feeling good and eager, which I think will happen because I am training normally. I'm also starting to see my loved ones after months, so things are finally starting to sort out in this whirlwind of emotions that was 2020. I hope I can face 2021 in a good way, which is going to be a difficult year, but I want to give everything and if that can culminate with Dani on the podium, it would be great, if not, to know that I gave everything to make that happen.

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