Sport is a great tool that helps physical and psychological development. We invite you to know some of its benefits and keep moving up in this era characterized by free time.

Finally, the favorite season for many arrived: summer. Hot days and sunlight make many people happy, but one of the things that is most associated with the arrival of summer is vacations.

Despite the fact that it has been a difficult year and that the situation is adverse for some, summer and its vacations are synonymous with rest and time for oneself.  And physical activity, competitive or recreational, can help us in a very positive way in our time of rest and disconnection, since it contributes significantly to our personal development in the following way:

  • Rest

Although it means an energy expenditure, doing physical activity helps us to have an emotional and physical balance, especially to counteract the stress of the day to day.

  • Fun

Sport is a satisfying activity for many, so doing physical activity just for pleasure is a way of feeling full and having fun.

  • Values

Sport and its educational nature give us values and skills that can be extrapolated to other activities of our daily life, such as work or school. Perseverance, tolerance for frustration and team discipline are some of these aspects.

  • Social participation

The sport community makes it possible to break down certain class, race, ethnic and gender barriers.

  • Creativity

The ability to propose a strategy when doing a sport makes us more creative and ingenious to reach our goals. This can forge our identity or reinforce it.

  • Balance with the outside

Sports or recreational sports activities contribute to the positive balance of sociocultural pressures and to counteract some diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

For these and other reasons, we want to motivate you to do physical activity in your free time, so that you can lead a healthy life both physically and emotionally.

 *Source: Cayuela Maldonado, M. José (1997): The social effects of sport: leisure, integration, socialization, violence and education [online article]. Barcelona: Center d'Estudis Olímpics UAB. [Consulted on 22/12/2020] 

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