Ronny Escobar: "I think that people might like climbing a lot"

With the confirmation of Climbing in the Santiago 2023 sports program, the Team Chile athlete prepares to face the Pan-American challenge.

Climbing has become popular in recent times, but remains unknown to some. The sport that will make its debut at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and Santiago 2023 is characterized by its technical elements and the great skill and wit of the participants. Ronny Escobar, a member of the Chilean climbing team, will tell us more about this exciting discipline.

How is the training of a climber?

As in most sports, physical and specific workouts are done, for example, climbing wooden slats with only the arms, strengthening the fingers and above all climbing a lot. Climbing has many motor patterns so you have to constantly practice to improve.

What is the sport about?

Climbing has three modes: speed, bouldering or route / difficulty. In speed it is always the same route and the objective is to get to the top as fast as possible. At the beginning they are qualifying rounds and only time matters. Then the final phase is defined by duels. On Route, it is much more difficult and the path is always different and whoever reaches the top wins. Bouldering presents low altitude problems but with great difficulty. 

What is the most difficult part of climbing?

That the field changes all the time, except in speed. You never know what you are going to climb and that adds a lot of difficulty to the sport, so you have to be well trained and prepared to face any challenge that the starters put you.

Why do you think this sport took so long to be recognized, considering that the hills and mountains of Chile are an ideal place to practice it?

At the competitive level, climbing is a relatively new sport, in the 80s began the competitions, and also because it is a bit expensive to do this type of sport, perhaps it is a bit elitist and that is why it is hard to develop it massively. Climbing has grown little by little, but it is not easily accessible, since you need implements such as shoes, magnesium, equipment, etc.

How do you see the inclusion of the climb to Santiago 2023?

I'm super happy with this news, I think it's great that they include it and it motivates me to keep training. It is a super striking sport and very entertaining to look at as well, I think people may like it a lot.

What are your expectations?

My expectations, as in all the competitions that I attend to, are to achieve a medal for Chile. I am going to train a lot to give my all and do my best in 2023. 

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