Santiago 2023 continues giving support to the athletes and para athletes so they can continue training in a safe way and prepare their next sports challenges.

With the protocols in place for a safe return to high performance sports practice and competition, a PCR testing was implemented in a biweekly manner, applied to all the national athletes that have qualified for Olympic and Paralympic sports. This testing is carried out in different locations in Santiago, and athletes from different national federations are summoned in an orderly fashion.

On Friday, June 4th between 8 am and 12 pm, the summons for 439 athletes was performed to apply the PCR testing in the parking lot of the Multi-sports venue, within the National Stadium Park premises. Santiago 2023 was present with their electric bus during the PCR testing, and also delivering face masks to support the efforts of returning to the different sports practices safely.

The PCR testing is free of charge for athletes and around 1.200 PCR testing are applied monthly.

We are all on the Road to the Games!

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