The flag bearers for the tokyo olimpic and paralympic games were announced today

Santiago 2023, through its CEO Felipe De Pablo, was part of the ceremony performed this las Friday in the La Moneda Palace, where the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, joined by the Sports Minister, Cecilia Pérez, entrusted Francisca Crovetto, Francisca Mardones, Marco Grimalt and Alberto Abarza to be the flag bearers for the next Olympic event.

It is the first time in Chile that four flag bearers are selected – two women and two men – as a symbol of commitment of both COCH and COPACHI with gender equality, and that is already a reason in itself to celebrate the beginning of Chile’s participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The activity also included the official farewell from the Government to the national delegation that will participate in Tokyo 2020, which will include 56 representatives from Team Chile and 19 from Team ParaChile. 

“I ask you to give it your best, to place Chile’s name in the highest echelons. You, the athletes, are a role model, and example to follow. Millions of young Chileans are inspired by you and we want Chile to become an athletes’ country”, said President Piñera.

“We are tremendously proud for this historical qualification of Chilean athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. For the conventional games with a record on qualified disciplines and in the case of our Paralympic athletes, it is the largest delegation to ever represent our country”, added Minister Cecilia Pérez, who was accompanied in the ceremony by athletes Andrés Aguilar, María Fernanda Valdés, Simona Castro, Cristiane Endler, Alberto Abarza, Vicente Almonacid, Francisca Mardones and Camila Campos.

The delegation of Team Chile that will participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games secured the participation in 24 sports, which constitutes the largest number of disciplines in the national Olympic history. The previous one was London 2012, with 17 disciplines.

As for the delegation of Team ParaChile, that will participate in the Paralympic Games, there will be a total presence in eight disciplines, the highest qualification in the history of our country.

The Olympic evento was initially planned for 2020 (from July 24th through August 9th), however, the sanitary crisis caused by Covid-19 obligated the International Olympic Committee authorities and the Japanese authorities to postpone the event for 2021.

The Olympic Games will be held from July 23rd through August 8th, whereas the Paralympic Games will be held from August 24th through September 5th.

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