Beyond the competition, sports have the ability to create and manage communities.  In Chile, Skateboarding is an example of this, and we tell you why below.

The Agenda for Social Development (2015) and its 17 Objectives, recognizes the role of sports in the promotion of social progress, the base for sustainable development:  “Sport is the other important facilitator for sustainable development… which contributes more and more to achieve development and peace, promoting tolerance and respect, and also supports the empowerment of women and youngsters, people and communities, as well as the objectives related to health, education and social inclusion”.


Apart from all the benefits, sport is a sustainable activity because it collaborates with achieving a lot of the SDOs that the Agenda 2030 proposes. The reason why companies and sponsors are willing to collaborate in the improvement of clothes, shoes and materials for sports development and its adaptation to this new way of doing things, is the motive that has been capable of integrating in the cities that offer that possibility, highlighting touristic and cultural aspect that otherwise would not be achievable and, lastly, because the active means of transport, such as bicycles or skates, have become an important physical activity in the social, educational and cultural areas.


An excellent example of the aforementioned is skateboarding, a sport that debuted recently in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Recent research about this modern sport include in its development, factors from the social reality connected to the cultural order, as are its production and distribution activities of their “means”, when we speak about “skateparks” (boards, protection gear, accessories, infrastructure and spaces) and “skills” (skateboarding schools, tournaments, workshops and events about skate practice), that give this community an ability to express themselves, expand and generate new cultural practices and “ways of thinking”, that has a great potential to attract new followers and increase its visibility.

Keep an eye on: HBO channel launched two seasons from “Betty”, a series that shows a group of female skaters in New York (USA) that aim to make a name for themselves in the skateparks of the city, while bonding into a friendship.  Furthermore, it shows us the rich culture the sport has in United States. One of the leads was a part of the mini-documentaries that the Olympic Games made to inspire youngsters to practice this urban sports. 

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