From the 37 disciplines that are included in the official program in Colombia, 31 are qualifiers for the adult Pan American Games.

Picture: Mountainbiker Martín Vidaurre won the mountain cycling cross country and got the slot for the 2023 Games (Robert Fontal/Latin Color Images)

Sunday, November 28th, 2021 | Since last Wednesday the first Pan American Games for categories under 14 to 23 years old are being held in Cali, which apart from being a competitive event for young athletes in the Americas, it is also a chance to get tickets to the larger event to be held in Santiago in just under more two years.

Only the gold medalists in the individual events in 31 of the 37 disciplines included in Colombia will secure their tickets to Chile to be a part of the largest multi-sport event in the continent, which is to be held from October 20th through November 5th, 2023.

Excluding the combat sports such as boxing, judo, karate, wrestling and taekwondo, and powerlifting, sports where the slots belong to the Corresponding National Olympic Committee, in the rest of the disciplines the same youth champions will have the possibility to compete at the top level in our national ground.

The collective sports and events, however, will seek their qualification through the paths their corresponding federations determine.

Athletics: 40
Badminton: 2
Boxing: 13 *
Bowling: 2
Canoe Sprint: 6
BMX cycling: 2
MTB cycling: 2
Road Cycling: 4
Track Cycling: 6
Diving: 6
Fencing (To be confirmed): 6
Artistic Gymnastics: 2
Rhythmic Gymnastics: 1
Trampoline Gymnastics: 2
Judo: 14 *
Karate: 10 *
Weightlifting: 14 *
Wrestling: 18 *
Swimming: 28
Artistic Skating: 2
Speed Skating: 6
Skateboarding: 2
Modern Pentathlon: 2
Rowing: 2
Squash: 2
Taekwondo: 8 *
Tennis: 2
Table Tennis: 2
Shooting Sports: 4
Archery: 4
Triathlon: 2
Sailing: 4
* The slot is per National Olympic Committee, not per athlete.

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