"I hope i will be there", said the argentinian player about the possibility to participate in the event in Chile, country where he has reached his best results in the ATP circuit and the gold medal in Odesur 2014.

Thursday 24th, 2022 | The Argentinian tennis player Facundo Bagnis, who participated at the Tokyo Olympic Games and stands currently at the 74th position in the world ranking, talked with Santiago 2023 about his successes in the Pan American Games -contest where he has won three medals- and his wish to close in Chile his participations in the largest multisport event in the Americas.

The 31 year-old lefty is currently in the Chilean capital city participating in the ATP 250 in San Carlos de Apoquindo, where he achieved the second place in the last event, allowing him to enter once more in the Top 100, which is his best result ever in the circuit.

In his professional records he also has a crown in doubles together with Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci in Stuttgart (Germany) during the 2013 season and the gold medal in singles at the Odesur 2014 Games, also held in Santiago.

Facundo Bagnis wants to play once more and win medals for Argentina at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games (picture: Chile Open Rydell/Donoso/Aljaro)

For Bagnis, large events have a special meaning beyond the achievements and medals. “I have great memories from the Pan American Games and without a doubt it escapes a bit from what the circuit is, and it is thrilling to be able to share a village with athletes from all over the continent and see all the work and dedication from every single one of them," he mentioned.

“We know each other amongst tennis players, so, to share with other athletes in the mess halls, Olympic village, gyms and clubs, feeling the Olympic spirit is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life,” he added.

The player from Santa Fe wants to score his third participation in the Pan American games, in the last stage of his high-performance participations. “I hope I can participate at the Santiago 2023 Games, maybe it will be my last Pan American experience and I invite you all to Dream, Play, and Win,” he concluded, referring to the new slogan of the Pan American event, which will be held from October 10th through November 5th and will gather over 7.000 athletes in 57 disciplines and from the 41 countries under Panam Sports.

Name: Facundo Bagnis
Date of Birth: February 27th, 1990 (31 years old)
Location: Rosario, Santa Fe province – Argentina
Proficient arm: Left
Height and Weight: 1,83 m and 82 k
Instagram: @facubagnis

Toronto 2015 - singles: Gold medal
Toronto 2015 - doubles: Silver medal with Guido Andreozzi
Lima 2019 - singles: 4th place
Lima 2019 - doubles: Silver medal with Guido Andreozzi

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